I have an ASP.net app (using vb.net) that allows a user to upload a file and then the program should parse certain info out of the file and insert it into a db. <BR><BR>The file is a word document, so when I try to just use a FileSTream, there is so much junk in the file. <BR><BR>So, I figured I would use a Word.Document and try to read the data there. I have found NUMEROUS examples of how to manipulate data and create new Word documents using .Net. But I have not seen an example where I can just read the document in line by line.<BR><BR>This is important to my program. I have also explored the Word.Document and Word.ApplicationClass functions and can&#039;t find an answer.<BR><BR>Do you know of a good way to READ in a word document without that document being converted into another format from the user?<BR><BR>I don&#039;t need to write or manipulate the data.<BR><BR>Thank you.