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    After reading file (such as a delimited file) using FileSystemObject and putting data into recordset, how can each of the fields in the recordset be referenced separately? Thank you in advance.<BR><BR>Charlie<BR><BR>

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    Default Disconnect recordset???

    Or did you shove the data from the RS on into the DB?<BR><BR>But in either case, I don&#039;t get it: Why can&#039;t you just use<BR> RS("fieldName")<BR>to get the value of a given field in the current record? And if you need to move to other records just use AbsolutePosition or Move as appropriate?<BR><BR>Of course, you could always convert the recordset to a 2D array and then instantly access any cell in the array, but now it has to be by record number and field number.<BR><BR>

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