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    Ok,<BR>I am using C#. I would like to call a C++ DLL (not COM) pass it an array of DWORDs (UINT32?), then use the 3 pointers it returns that each point to different arrays of information in order to insert those arrays into a SQL Server.<BR><BR>The DLL Name is accessdb.dll. The subroutine inside that DLL is GatewayProc(CDLL_GETREPORTDATA, (LPARAM)dwArgList,0L,0L,0L)<BR>CDLL_GETREPORTDATA is defined in the .h file as <BR>#define CDLL_GETREPORTDATA 0x00A1 <BR><BR>How can I call the DLL and then use the pointers it returns to me to retrieve the information?

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    This article may help<BR><BR><BR><BR>Unfortunately, I have never tried using unmanaged code in .NET, but hopefully this article will shed some light!<BR><BR>D.

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