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Thread: if statement question.

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    Default if statement question.

    &#060;input type="checkbox" name="cb" value="&#060;%=count%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR>cbs = Request("cb") <BR>&#039; *IF* at least one checkbox checked, *THEN* proceed! <BR>If ("" & cbs) &#060;&#062; "" Then ......<BR><BR>Hi, i was wondering why is the if statement concatenating the "" & cbs to see if it has a value or not??? I dont understand that logic? <BR>

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    Default Unnecessary

    the request object will ALWAYS return a string (empty or otherwise) so you do not need the ""<BR><BR><BR>in cases when you MAY get a Null from something then you can concatinate the "" to do a string comparison<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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