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    i am working on ASP and SQL server. I need idea or the way how to proceed with the following.<BR><BR>1.Through ASP, i want to uplaod the excel file.<BR>2.After uploading, i have to read the contents of the excel file and store it in the database.<BR>3.From the database it has to directly read the contents and mail merge.<BR><BR>i know its not a easy thing. 1, 2 and 3 are done by 3 different persons from 3 different locations and thats why we cannot go for direct mail merge from excel.<BR><BR>I want to know whether it can be done.

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    1. Can be done, simple. Look for "Pure ASP Upload" scripts or (preferably) an upload component. Not advanced.<BR><BR>2. Can be done, relatively simple. If the excel file is delimited in any way, it can be read in using the FileSystemObject, parsed, and inserted into the database. If it&#039;s not, it&#039;ll need to be opened probably using the Office Web Components, or Office Automation. There are articles on doing this - Google&#039;s your friend. Have a go and if you have a problem, come back. Storing it in the database is very simple. Not advanced.<BR><BR>3. Reading database contents, very simple. However, doing a full-scale mail-merge may take some time. String-handling&#039;s not particuarly efficient and unless you can use an email object that supports queuing (Persits/CDO), you&#039;re never going to be able to do it through ASP (because of timeouts etc).<BR>Not particuarly advanced, but ASP may not be the technology of choice.<BR><BR>All in all, it&#039;s a simple three-step process. Well, it&#039;s three separate steps. Each one relatively simple. If you have any problems, perhaps the Q&A forum&#039;s the best...?<BR><BR>Craig.

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