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    I have a C# class file which I have complied to a library in ver 1.1 <BR>But on my client which is another system I have ver 1.0 loaded and not ver 1.1 <BR>Here I am using this library and it gives me an error that System.Data class cannot be loaded. <BR>Is there a way to compile a class library to work in both the versions(1.0 and 1.1) just as we have for a web project. <BR>If not then what are my options and how do I resolve this issue. <BR>Thank You.

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    If you compile to 1.0, you will probably be able to run on 1.1<BR><BR>You best option is to have 1.1 on the target system.<BR><BR>You can look up side by side execution in on MSDN.

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