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    I am attempting to email all users within my database however I get the followng error when I try and loop through the code below. Could someone please help?<BR><BR>Error<BR>Method &#039;~&#039; of object &#039;~&#039; failed<BR><BR>Code<BR>Do Until RSFind.EOF<BR> MyEmail = RSFind("Email")<BR><BR> MyCDO.Send EmailSender, _<BR> MyEmail, EmailSubject, _<BR> EmailMessage<BR> <BR> RSFind.MoveNext<BR>Loop

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    The dreaded "double snake" error - eewwwweeee... have fun :P<BR><BR>Try to install the latest MDAC:<BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/nhp/Default.asp?contentid=28001860

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