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    I&#039m attempting to configure a form to send e-mail via an asp script. The problme I&#039m having is that I get a "Permission Denied" error on this line of code:<BR><BR>myCDO.Send<BR><BR>I need to figure out exactly what is causing this. I do not have direct access to the webserver, as it is a very large corporate server, so I must e-mail the server admin with exactly what must be done. The server is an IIS 4.0 server with NT Server 4 SP4. Below is the sendmail function of the script. Could this be because SMTP service is not set up on the server? Any comments and replies will be very much appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Dave<BR><BR><BR>fun ction SendMail (sFrom, sTo, sSubject, sBody, sCc, sBcc, iPriority)<BR><BR>dim myCDO<BR>set myCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR><BR>if IsObject(myCDO) then<BR>myCDO.From = sFrom<BR>myCDO.To = sTo<BR>myCDO.Subject = sSubject<BR>myCDO.Body = sBody<BR>myCDO.importance = iPriority<BR>myCDO.Cc = sCc<BR>myCDO.Bcc = sBcc<BR>myCDO.Send <BR>set myCDO = nothing<BR>SendMail = True<BR>else<BR>SendMail = False<BR><BR>end if<BR><BR>end function<BR><BR><BR>

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    Since it&#039s not giving an error when you create the object, then it must be installed. It sounds like the MailRoot directory (and subdirectories) under Inetpub needs to have permissions set for the webusers. This is a common problem that isn&#039t well documented.

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    If you are using CDONTs object with your PWS it wont work and will give the error you just got.<BR>You have to install CDONTS.dll on your WIN NT Server.<BR>Also enable SMTP server to make this work. I am not sure why it doesn&#039twork with PWS.<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR>

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