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    Hello, all... I&#039;ve built an alumni site for my hs... on this page:<BR><BR>http://ancientangels.ptoscar.com/alumni/totals2.asp<BR><BR>... I&#039;ve got it set up so a graph is generated showing how many alums have registered and from which classes. Right now I&#039;ve got the page set up to cache on the server once every 24 hours... so it will load fast for everyone. Problem is when that period expires... and someone hits the page... it take FOREVER to load. My query is below. Hints on what I can do to make this page load fast? Better query? <BR>Thanks a lot...<BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCT alumni.gradclass, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM alumni WHERE alumni.gradclass = tblNames2.gradclass) FROM alumni LEFT JOIN alumni AS tblNames2 ON alumni.gradclass = tblNames2.gradclass WHERE alumni.gradclass&#060;&#062;&#039;&#039; order by alumni.gradclass desc

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    Have you got the tables properly indexed? Make sure you&#039;re not trying to display too many records at once, or pulling back too many even. You might want to consider paging.

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