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    I have a text file (info.txt) whose contents are like the example below<BR><BR>Csharp is a dot net language. It is a &#060;%Table1.column1%&#062; object oriented language.<BR>Inheritance is a &#060;%Table1.column2%&#062; part of csharp.<BR><BR>Thank You &#060;%Table2.column1%&#062;<BR><BR>Here the &#060;%Table1.column1%&#062; and etc indicates the name of the table and column name in the database.<BR>I need to take in the contents of this text file into a string variable while replacing the &#060;%Table1.column1%&#062; with the value from that particular table1 and column1 whose rows I get from a sql query. The number of columns to display will vary and be read from the info.txt file.<BR>How do i solve this?<BR>Thanx.

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    Load your text file into a string builder object and use a .REPLACE to replace yours string with those from the DB.

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