I&#039ve got a bit of an issue....<BR><BR>I&#039m searching an Access database from a users input in to a text box... the search looks through the fields SKU, ItemName, Description, Category and SubCategory... here is my question(s):<BR><BR>I have pencils in my database. 3 different products having to do with pencils. the problem is: if the user puts in "pencil" it only returns two of the records and I think I know why. The ItemName for the record it&#039s not returning is "Wooden Pencil" and there is no space after pencil.. and my search string has this: WHERE ItemName LIKE &#039% " searchtext " %&#039 ...<BR><BR>secondly, though, if someone types in "dessert" but the item&#039s category is "desserts" how can i get the search engine to return that record? I don&#039t want to simply do &#039%" searchtext "%&#039 because then if people type in "pen" they&#039ll get records that contain the word "dePENdable" or "oPEN" things like that..<BR><BR>thirdly, and lastly! I have a field that is also being searched called SKU.. it&#039s formatted with hyphens like: 345-455-8896-8877<BR>how can i (i&#039m assuming a function is needed) make it so that if the user wanted to search for that above SKU.. and they typed in 34545588968877 that it would return that record, even though the user didn&#039t enter the hyphens?<BR><BR>thanks in advance anyone!!!!<BR><BR>Adam McKee<BR>amckee@supernet.net