I am migrating an asp project to asp.net and want to be up as quick as possible. <BR>(I can take advantage of .net stuff later). <BR>So my question is can I instantiate an object in .net that mimics the old asp regexp? <BR>This way I only have to change 1 line of code and dont have to wory about little differences the 2 regexp enginges will have. <BR><BR>So the above code would be something like this if there was such a "compatibility object": <BR><BR>&#039; Old VB code : <BR>&#039; objregExp = New RegExp <BR>&#039; VB.Net equivalent : <BR>dim objregExp as system.text.regularexpressions.RegEx <BR><BR>&#039; The rest of the code is untouched : <BR>objregExp.Global = True <BR>objregExp.IgnoreCase = True <BR>.... <BR><BR>I see that asp2aspx (http://www.netcoole.com/asp2aspx.htm) have made such an object themselves so I think it isnt available in .net. <BR><BR>BTW Has anyone tried such programs? I only found the above url. Are there more programs that promise semi-automatic conversion?