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    right now, there are 4 people who got laid off from my company, all at the bar, drinking their faces off, and i&#039;m stuck here.<BR><BR>and what&#039;s worse is that the only reason i&#039;m here is because, even though our app is in production, getting used by 2000+ people, flawlessly, the data that we depended on coming to us that was supposed to be flawless, is flawed. ****ing bad practices getting everything messed up... my manager told them we&#039;re leaving at 5, because it wasn&#039;t on our end, they have to fix it.<BR><BR>so **** them. i told the one guy if 4:30 comes around and i&#039;m still here, i&#039;m quitting.

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    at least i&#039;m allowed to leave an hour early :-)

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    yesterday, I went to my home at 3:20, I was bored, Normally I enter to my job at 9:00 - 10:00<BR><BR>But I produce even more than normal coworkers, thats the reason they (my chiefs) don&#039;t tell me anything...<BR><BR>Are you agree?<BR><BR>

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