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    Hopefully someone out there can help me - not sure if this is possible....<BR>I have a form, data is filled in by user and posted to database. This data also needs to be passed to our payment processor. At the moment, users fill in the data, submit it (which is passed to database) and are then asked to confirm the values they fill in, and the confirmed data is sent to payment processor.<BR>However, this is a long winded way of doing it, and I wondered if it was possible to do the insert into database and post to processor in one go?

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    Default There are two things..

    .. that you can do.<BR><BR>The first is to just show the user a "Please do not click stop/back or anything" page. That page just has a hidden form and uses JavaScript to automatically post it when the page is loaded.<BR><BR>The second way to do it is to use the MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP object to do the POST to the other server on the server-side.

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