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    I have a page in which a user enters a value and takes them to another page. The user entry is used in a basic SQL statment that shows records based on the user input. I&#039;m attempting to make the column headers sortable, but during my development, everytime I click on the header, the page refreshes, but I lose my value that was inputted in the previous page. How can I retain the value even when the page is refreshed? Make sense?<BR><BR>This is the line that captures the inout value from the previous page:<BR><BR>strJobName = Request.Form("Jobname")<BR><BR>and its strJobName that I use in my SQL statment and when the page refreshes to sort, strJobName loses it value. How can I store its value so its not lost?

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    Default You need to create..

    .. a hidden form and then post it whenever the user clicks to resort the page (along with which sort option they selected).

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