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    Hi all, I am trying to use HTTP to copy a Zip file on my web server to my computer at work. The problem is I keep getting that "Windows Dialog Box" that ask for username, password and domain. How do I get rid of this. I tried right clicking on the folder (called "download" ) it is in the wwwroot folder. I right-clicked on "download" folder and even gave full control to the web applications and web anonymous users to see if it would go away. <BR><BR>How do I do this?

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    two things need to be enabled<BR><BR>1. IIS file/folder access - needs to have &#039;anonymous access&#039; enabled<BR>2. NTFS ACLs need to include whichever account is configured in IIS to be the anonymous user - usually IUSR_MachineName<BR><BR>j<BR>

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