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Thread: Looking for reliable ASP and SQL Server Web Host

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    Default Looking for reliable ASP and SQL Server Web Host

    We are going to be moving our company&#039;s web site to a new hosted location and need the following:<BR>1. ASP (don&#039;t need .NET yet)<BR>2. SQL Server 2000 (with Enterprise Manager access)<BR>3. ~ 30 or so e-mail accounts (both POP3 and web access)<BR>4. ~ 4 GB transfer a month<BR><BR>I have been looking at:<BR>1. Brinkster<BR>2. ORCS Web<BR>3. HostMySite.com<BR><BR>I need good reliable hosting provider, not a cheap site. Willing to spend $40-$70 a month for our company. Any good suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default looks like you're in the States...

    ... which is a shame. As I&#039;ve said previously on this board, I&#039;ve yet to meet a host better than Invectis ( http://www.invectis.com ), who are a UK outfit and are brilliant.<BR><BR>R

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    Default Avoid Brinkster at all costs.

    They suck and smell, too.<BR><BR>As for hosts, I&#039;ve used CrystalTech.com and they were decent. I&#039;m currently using Webhost4Life.com. They are cheap but, they&#039;ve treated me well so far.<BR><BR>Alternatively, there are a lot of webhosting directories out there. These sites usually have reviews and whatnot about the companies. The one that I know of (because I&#039;ve done freelance work for them) is findsp.com.

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