On occasion Interland&#039s servers (my Web Hosting Company) go down. Is there a way to detect this and redirect my visitors to a different location, a mirror site? Any advise is apprecited <BR><BR>The site is hosted at Interland so the dns entry goes there (as registered at network solutions, then is routed to one of their servers, I&#039m guessing here. Is it possible to set a script to ping the server and redirect to another server if it gets no response?<BR><BR>Does DNS network solutions refer to go directly to my server at Interland or is it routed once it reaches Interland?<BR><BR>I know these aren&#039t direct asp questions but there tends to be some pretty intelligent people here so I figured it&#039s the best place to look for a real world answer.<BR><BR>Any advice or direction is greatly appreciated<BR>