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    We are using an ASPX file to create a webform. We are creating an interface to generate a table. This interface has a timescale with a drop down list of annually, quarterly, and monthly. It also has a time period listbox where one to many years can be selected from 1995 to 2003. There is also a choice of indicator that the figures are based on say for instance hospital admissions of respiratory disease. These indicators are drawn from a database. As well as this there is a listbox of geographical divisions for each type of organisation. These organisations are District Health boards, Regional Councils, and Territorial local Authorities. Only one type of organisation can be picked but out of each type one to many say regional councils can be selected. These lists are connected to a database . Then there is a button titled output the data which is to show the data such as what the indicator is, the years, the timescales, and regional organisations and the related figures. All figures to create the output are from a database. They are drawn from the an Microsoft Access database. Is there a way to do this through ASPX? If not what code would we have to write? We have a deadline coming soon. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>

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    yes, you can do this with ASP.NET but my advice to you is to sit down and sketch the whole thing out. doesn&#039;t sound to me like you&#039;ve got it figured out right.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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