How to stop Internet Worms!

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Thread: How to stop Internet Worms!

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    Default How to stop Internet Worms!

    Hi all,<BR><BR>Since I heard about the swen worm last week, my email box has been bombarded with email claiming to be from Microsoft, eg.<BR>Security Bulletin, Microsoft Corporation Public Assistance, Michrosoft Technical Support etc etc etc. (all containing attachments)<BR><BR>All in all, I awake each morning to 70 of these emails. Im using mailwasher to prevent it getting onto my computer (blacklisting them), and I have contacted my ISP and they say they can do nothing and I have to put up with it.<BR><BR>Surely I can filter this crap somehow ?<BR><BR>Life savers to the rescue please.<BR>

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    Default Same Problem Here.........WORM!!!!!!!!!!

    I&#039;m in the same boat! Someone please help!<BR><BR>I have never opened any of these ridiculous emails, yet I still continue to receive them everyday.<BR><BR>How can it be stopped?

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