Here&#039;s the problem in a nutshell: I&#039;m using the PrintDocument class to print out the contents of a WinForms DataGrid. I&#039;ve written a couple of classes to handle this and it seems to work pretty well except that the tab alignment is screwy.<BR><BR>In researching how to set the tab stop positions, I found that a StringFormat object should be used to determine where the tab stops should be. So what I do is get the lengths of the longest strings in each column in the DataGrid and throw them into an array of Singles. Then I do:<BR><BR> MyStringFormat.SetTabStops(0.0F, MySinglesArray)<BR><BR>to set the tabs to stop at the positions indicated in the array of Singles.<BR><BR>This almost works. The values in the array are good, but not all of the columns are aligning as they should.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any suggestions? Ever tried this before? Thanks in advance for any help you may give me.