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Thread: Problem with IE's back button.

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    I have 2 pages (Page1.aspx and Page2.aspx), each of which contains 2 dropdownlists (Dropdownlist1 and Dropdownlist2). <BR>Dropdownlist1 on each page is used to navigate between Page1 and Page2, i.e. it contains 2 items each of which will call Response.Redirect to open Page 1 or Page2) <BR>Dropdownlist2 is used to select an item. Once an item is selected, some processing is done for that item and then the curretn page is reloaded by calling Response.Redirect. <BR><BR>This is the problem I have. <BR><BR>-Open Page1.aspx <BR>-Use Dropdownlist1 on Page1.aspx to navigate to Page2.aspx <BR>-Click IE&#039;s Back button to come back to Page1.aspx <BR>-Now select an item from Dropdownlist2 on Page1 <BR>What I expect is that Page1 will be reloaded after processing for the selected item is done. Instead, the page loaded is Page2. <BR><BR>Any help is appreciated.

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    I believe this is because when you come back to page one the selected value in textBox1 is still set to do the redirect so that when you submit the page it see&#039;s the value in textBox1 wants to redirect so it goes on and does it. You could verify this by just going back to the first page and hitting refresh and seeing if that redirects you. <BR><BR>This is a tough one to avoid. One way you could do it is by having two sperate buttons next to the drop downs which call different functions.

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