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    (kind of a repost but I couldnt resolve it last time...)<BR><BR>I want to change the name of my site from to<BR><BR>However, has a great PageRank in Google that I don&#039;t want to threaten. <BR><BR>Currently I have both domains pointing to the same site. I am thinking of reading what people type in (using Request.ServerVariables) and using a META Refresh to redirect them if they type in I could also use a Popup to let them know of the change...<BR><BR>But how will that impact on my PageRank and Google listing?<BR><BR>Would it be any better/worse to use a 301 redirect?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>

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    Personally, I&#039;d just leave both domains active (I do with my play site which runs on<BR><BR><BR>www.sydneypubg<BR><BR><BR>)< BR><BR>if you do the redirect with javascript, Google probably won&#039;t notice, however I think it CAN handle HTTP/300 redirects, but the rank would be affected.

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    Default I read a posting...

    ...that said that if you used an HTTP "permanently moved" redirect (301? 310?) then Google would believe you and lump them all together.<BR><BR>Sorry I didn&#039;t keep a reference to that posting (or article? whichever it was).<BR><BR>

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