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    I am creating a web-based application for my software integration class and I am stumped on one part that deals with a web-cam. My client wants her students to be able to take a picture of themself with a webcam, and then allow them to drag and drop that picture onto another image on her server. The problem I am running into is making the background of the webcam picture transparent. She only wants them to drag and drop their bodies instead of the whole square image. The technologies I have been given to work with are asp.net, html, and vb.net. Any suggestions??? Is this at all possible??? Thank you.

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    Sounds like you first need to write a piece of software that can select the background. Seeing as how your using a web cam and that web cams are not the greatest on sharp pictures plus the fact that the back ground will probally have different colors in it due to lighting as it is I would say that you have got quite an uphill battle to take a standard image, convert the part that not human to all the exact same color then save the image with the background color set as the transparent color.

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