I need to make this as dynamic as possible. this is what i&#039;m trying to accomplish: i have a flash animation file that&#039;s reading 5 text files on the server that has news headlines in them. what i want to do is instead of manually updating the text files each time a news headline changes, i want to run a script that query&#039;s the database and pull the first 5 records, extract the headline, then dynamically write the text files, where by the flash animation will read it.<BR> <BR>obviously i wouldn&#039;t have this script execute everytime the news page is pulled up, but rather when a new news story is added to the database . . .<BR> <BR>here&#039;s my attempt. what am i doing wrong? just off the bat, i know i may be doing some things not as efficient as possible, so please forgive me. thanks in advance.<BR> <BR>********************************************** ******<BR> <BR> Dim objFSO,objFile<BR> i = 1;<BR> Do While Not rs.EOF AND i&#060;6<BR> Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR> strFilePath = "e:users_test
ews0" & i & ".txt" &#039; Then end txt files are named news01.txt, news02.txt, ...<BR> Set objFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile(strFilePath, True)<BR> objFile.WriteLine("news0" & i & "=" & rs("headline")) &#039;This is the data that the flash animation expects to read<BR> i++;<BR> objFile.Close()<BR> set objFile = nothing<BR> Set objFSO = nothing<BR> rs.MoveNext()<BR> Loop<BR> <BR>********************************************** ******<BR><BR>