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Thread: ASP and Word's Mail Merge?

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    Hello all...<BR><BR>Here&#039;s my scenario. I have a 3 page Word doc that has form fields in it (why I don&#039;t know, I got it like this). Well the form fields are for data from a user table for the user viewing the Doc (think of a contract with their name, company, etc on it). I was told that using Word&#039;s Mail Merge would let me select the datasourse and link the forms on the doc to a query. Well it seems that was laughable.<BR><BR>My question(s):<BR>Is it possible to use Word&#039;s Mail Merge like this? And more to the ASP point, can it be done from ASP? I assume it can be since it&#039;s all MS stuff, but you never know. I just need to open the doc (invisibly), populate the form from a query, and then save to the server for the user to pick up.<BR><BR>I know this is about 1/10th an ASP question, but I&#039;m not sure how this would all run with ASP and if it can be done at all.<BR><BR>Many Thanks, <BR>Bryan

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    I&#039;m not sure if this is the best way to do it, but it was the only way it worked for me with my requirements.<BR><BR>I took the letter to be merged and converted it to HTML prior to going through the mail merging process (a lot of code is inserted into the document if the mail merge wizard has already been run). If the wizard has already been run, you can call it up again and revert the document back to it&#039;s original form.<BR><BR>I then set up a while loop that ran through my recordset. I have one page that is created for each record inside the document. I also have the document saved to the client as a word document so once the user clicks on the link, the file is generated and downloaded at that time.<BR><BR>This way, the user doesn&#039;t receive any requests to push buttons other than save/open/close. I&#039;m dealing with an audience where less buttons are better.<BR><BR>Or if you&#039;re into creating DLL&#039;s, someone posted an example of using VB code to save the document on the server which you would then be able to link to.

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