What's the best way to authenticate?

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Thread: What's the best way to authenticate?

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    Stephen Thomas Guest

    Default What's the best way to authenticate?

    I need to find a way to ensure that a client is accessing the site from a particular machine. What is the best way to verify that the client is on that machine? BTW, I need it to be fairly secure so the user can&#039t just copy a cookie and take it to another machine.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Steve<BR>stephenthomas@ usa.net

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    Use 20 cookies along with the OS and browser reference, as well as a specifically keyed set of existing plug-ins. Or make a custom plug-in and install it only on that machine...<BR><BR>Unfortunately, what you are trying to do is 100% conflicting with the goals of distributed applications -- if it can only be run on a particular machine, then:<BR>1) Why not just write an app and install it on that machine? Saves bandwidth, improves security, gives you better control of UI, blah blah blah.<BR>2) What happens when the user upgrades or the hard drive gets munched? I&#039ve gone through three machines in 10 months at my place of business and a machine a year at home -- forcing a user to have a specific computer means that you&#039re not designing with the future in mind.

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