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    I have a page where that tracks customer leads. The user enters the new customer info(name,address,etc...) then the form is submitted action="confirm.asp" confirm.asp does the actual insert, and displays "Customer xyz has been added!" I am trying to add js confirm box that will popup as soon as the page loads and ask the user if they would like to add details of the conversation with said customer. If yes then redirect to the appropriate page. If not then stay at the current page confirm.asp. How can I pass the confirm value to the response.redirect? <BR>Is this possible?<BR>TIA!

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    Default Can't be done...

    THINK ABOUT IT! <BR><BR>Once you have submitted the form, the prior page is history. Gone. The browser forgets all about it.<BR><BR>Then UNTIL you deliver the HTML from "confirm.asp" to the browser, there is *NOTHING* for the browser to work on.<BR><BR>If you want to do something like this, popup the JS confirm *BEFORE* doing the submit! (e.g., in the onSubmit handler for the form)<BR><BR>

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