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    Dabb Guest

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    How do I index a website that has 600 pages with .asp extensions?<BR><BR>Later I want to search the database that has been created.

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    Rob Guest

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    Index Server is a part of IIS. If you go to the Management Consol and right-click on the directory or virtual directory your site is in you will find that you can index your entire site with Index Server. If you then go to IISSamples you will find some basic code ixsso.Query and ixsso.Util that will allow you to create a search function for your site.<BR><BR>Regards, <BR>Rob

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    Dabb Guest

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    I do not want to use Index server as will not free up it&#039s resources on my 49.95 a month account.<BR><BR>I need to come up with another way to search my 600+ .asp pages for text.<BR>

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