ASP to PDF without DLLs or COM objects

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Thread: ASP to PDF without DLLs or COM objects

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    Default ASP to PDF without DLLs or COM objects

    I need to create a PDF document from information posted into a SQL database using ASP (IIS 5) without the use of DLL/COM files. My host will not allow me to install these files on the server.<BR><BR>Thank you for your help,<BR>Ryan<BR>

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    Default No way I know of

    Oh, in *theory* you could read the PDF documentation (I did, once, back maybe 5 years ago, when it was simpler than it is now) and use VBS to produce the needed bytes. It would take you *MONTHS* to get it right, I guarantee it.<BR><BR>

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    Default Can't be done.

    You&#039;re going to need to install something to do this.<BR><BR>Now, an option for you is to give yourself a page where you can download a data file.<BR><BR>Then, write an application that uses this data file to generate the PDFs offline.<BR><BR>This way, you can run the application from a server at your location and you have full control over what DLLs are (or are not) installed.

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