Hi,<BR><BR>I have developed a call logging system for my firm. The Security right now I am using is based on the information totally stored in my database, i.e. username and passwords in a table called security. Now the company wants its internal users, i mean here company users to access the site using the windows account name and password. and those who do not belongs to our site should have their names in the SQL-Server logins. The problem here is, as most of our company users are engineers and they normally access the site from the customer site to update the status of the call. I have already created the logins for my company users in my SQL-Server logins and prompt the user initally the login page grasp his/her credentials and take them to SQL-Server and try open the connection with the provided data, but for the domain user it gives error and for those who only have logins in SQL-Server, are authenticated successfully. <BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80040E4D)<BR>Login failed for user &#039;moazzam.shamim&#039;.<BR><BR>here moazzam.shamim is a domain user with an entry in SQL-Server logins.<BR><BR>Please advice to control the windows authentication process from the code.<BR><BR>Moazzam