I have a temporary source table (tblTemp) that contains multiple person records. This is data imported from excel, MS Word etc). I have to do this only once for approx. 20 different data sources. It is migrating and amalgamating desperate data sources into one central contact database. This table contains data that I need to split this data into several existing SQL tables being:<BR><BR>tblPerson (Person_ID, .......)<BR>tblOrganisation (Organisation_ID, ........)<BR>tblPerOrg (Organisation_ID, Person_ID)<BR><BR>I was going to write a trigger on the tblPerson table as follows:<BR><BR>CREATE TRIGGER Import_News ON [dbo].[tblPerson] <BR>FOR INSERT <BR>AS<BR>BEGIN<BR>INSERT tblPerOrg (Organisation_ID, Person_ID)<BR>SELECT Organisation_ID, Person_ID<BR>FROM tblOrganisation, tblPerson, tblTemp<BR>WHERE Person_ID in (SELECT Person_ID from inserted)<BR>AND tblOrganisation.Organisation_Name = tblTemp.[Company Name]<BR>END<BR><BR>....but this doesn&#039;t do the job. I do not want to compare tblOrganisation.Organisation_Name = tblTemp.[Company Name]. How do I populate the tblPerOrg table with the correct IDs? What would the trigger look like or becuase it is a *ONCE OFF JOB*, should I do it a different way?