How do I make Archive ??

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Thread: How do I make Archive ??

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    Default How do I make Archive ??

    I am suppose to make a website for news agency, almost everything is done, except for the making of Archive. I have no idea how will I tell ASP to transfer my outdated file or record to another folder in the server automatically. And then after a specific date they should be deleted. Please help drowining!!!<BR>I would heartly appreciate if I could get good links or example for this.<BR>Thanks

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    Default Which is it?

    File or record (in DB)?<BR><BR>If it&#039;s a record in DB, you don&#039;t really need to do anything to "transfer" it to archive: Just say that records older than NN days (or hours or whatever) are automatically considered "archived".<BR><BR>And then you just delete the records when they get really old.<BR><BR>If it&#039;s file-based, it&#039;s a bit more work. But look into FileSystemObject.MoveFile -- a bit tedious in comparison, but can be done.<BR><BR>

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    with one of the site I seveloped they have StatusID <BR>0 = Prospect<BR>1 = Estimate<BR>2 = Contracted<BR>3 = Completed <BR>4 = Dead Call<BR>5 = Archived<BR><BR>Dead Calls and Archived records don&#039;t show unless search for

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