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    Whith we should structure better the code than other server-side languages due to object oriented programming. The issue is: how many performances are we going to lose?<BR>I’m developing a forum in During analysis phase I guess I was undermine performances! I’ll do an example.<BR>Suppose I want to write a control to visualize a thread of my forum. I can do this in two ways:<BR><BR>CASE I:<BR>I create my class called Thread containing a collection of Posts (another class) and other variables. When a user request the page I include in it my control ThreadViewer which fills a variable (say CurrentThread) of kind Thread, and create the page basing in this variable. To fill CurrentThread I use another class, called SqlDataProvider. This class has a function which takes thread’s ID and gives a variable of kind Thread.<BR><BR>Advantage:<BR>- My package is structured! This means that user can write a class, say MdbDataProvider, and use it in his forum<BR>- …code well structured…and all other oop advantages…<BR><BR>Disadvantage:<BR>- It’s not hard to understand that this solution (versus the one below) will use a double memory quantity: first it’ll open a database connection and then it will fill a variable of Thread class with a COPY of data contained in database connection. This just to give to ThreadViewer a variable of Thread class.<BR><BR>CASE II:<BR>I create my control called ThreadViewer that directly read from database each data it needs and write these data directly in output stream<BR><BR>Advantage:<BR>- Optimized memory<BR><BR>Disavantage:<BR>- The control depends from data structure: to change data structure you have to rewrite the control.<BR><BR>What does you suggest me?<BR>Perhaps the example above is not the most right one…but I hope you have understand the point of my discussion.<BR><BR>Thank you in advance.<BR>Bye.<BR>

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    Write it the way it will be most easy to maintain. Afterwards, you can then go back and make adjustments for specific problems. For example, you can optimize a certain part if it&#039;s using too much memory or runs too slow.<BR><BR>Keep in mind the adage: "Premature optimization is the root of all evil"<BR><BR>Mike

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