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Thread: repost - perhaps I could have another suggestion?

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    Default repost - perhaps I could have another suggestion?

    I am trying to use the lovely move data example shown on this page within my form, however i cant seem to catch the data of which is being passed across to the chosen textarea?<BR>I would really like to use this example, could someone please take a look at this for me, and let me know what they think?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks guys,<BR>John

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    Default sorry its a select area not text area....

    I would still appreciate it if someone could take a look over this for me,<BR><BR>cheers,<BR>john

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    Default Use my version...

    It&#039;s more user-friendly and it works in all browsers. I&#039;m 90% sure that code doesn&#039;t.<BR><BR><BR><BR>look in the demos for the "dual lists in HTML" demo, or something to that effect.<BR><BR>(And mine was written first! Sometime in 1999, I believe.)<BR><BR>I just double checked: NO WAY that code works in a NS 4.x browser! It tries to use the ".disabled" attribute for one thing. Doesn&#039;t exist until NS 6. It also doesn&#039;t clear out the list of options properly, as NS 4 requires. And it stupidly relies on document.all and document.layers--trying to be NS and MSIE specific--when using document.formName.elements() is part of the HTML spec and works in *all* browsers.<BR><BR>

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    Default thanks Bill

    im working on it now..<BR><BR>John

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