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    When I retrieve my data from the DB to populate my form (to edit a user), the password field never fills in with data, though every other field does...Why is that? You can see the password fields are set just like every other field. Thanks<BR><BR> private void LoadForm(Person p)<BR> {<BR> prefix.SelectedText = p.PersonPrefix;<BR> fname.Text = p.PersonFirstName;<BR> lname.Text = p.PersonLastName;<BR> suffix.SelectedText = p.PersonSuffix;<BR> title.Text = p.PersonTitle;<BR> organization.SelectedId = p.DefaultDepartment.OrganizationId;<BR> department.SelectedId = p.DefaultDepartment.DepartmentId;<BR> address1.Text = p.DefaultAddress.AddressAddress1;<BR> address2.Text = p.DefaultAddress.AddressAddress2;<BR> city.Text = p.DefaultAddress.AddressCity;<BR> state.SelectedId = p.DefaultAddress.AddressStateId;<BR> zip.Text = p.DefaultAddress.AddressPostalCode;<BR> phone.Text = p.PersonPhone;<BR> fax.Text = p.PersonFax;<BR> email.Text = p.PersonEmail;<BR> password.Text = p.PersonPassword;<BR> confirmpassword.Text = p.PersonPassword;<BR><BR> if(p.PersonInfoRequested)<BR> additionalInfoYes.Checked = true;<BR> else<BR> additionalInfoNo.Checked = true;<BR> }

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    "By Design" ;) because the password&#039;s value is in clear text in the html source.<BR><BR>You can set the password1.Attributes["value"] = "passwordValue"

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