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    I am using VBScript on my .asp pages. I have a "class foo"<BR>One of foo&#039;s private data members is "Private arrList(55)"<BR>This is should never be 55, usually alot less, but my question is this.<BR><BR>First I am using a stored proc, and it returns a list of ints "1, 2, 3" call intList. I then do "temp = Split(intList, ",")". Followed by "For Each Number in temp" I increment a var = var + 1, to get a count of how many ints are in the list. In this case var would be 3. Is there anyway I can resize the "arrList(55)" to "arrList(var)"? Kinda resize it on the fly? <BR>If not how can I tell how how many of the elements in arrList(55)? Ubound just tells me how big it is "55".<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>goon12<BR><BR><BR>

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