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    I am trying to figure out how to effectily pull data from a DB and create a table with it. I can do that if it was 1 row with a ton of td&#039;s or if I want a ton of rows and 1 td, but I cant get it to properly display 1 row with say 4 td&#039;s then go to the next row and do another 4 then go to the next row and display 3 td&#039;s.<BR><BR>The problem is when I pull data from the db I have no idea how many records it will return so I cant code so it will display correctly. The error I get is it tries to write a td with data, but it has already written all the data so it fails.<BR><BR>How can I build the code so I can build like a thumnail page with X amount of images and with 4 across??, but of course it also needs to support a row with 1 or 2 or 3 images...

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    Default really not advanced

    repost in Q&A

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    Default Rules of this forum.

    One of the rules is to check the FAQs on<BR><BR>Go do that, your answer is in there.

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