I have an intranet setup using IIS and developed with VI6. When using DTCs there are problems with client vs server side.<BR><BR>If my controls (ex. listboxes, buttons etc)are client-side and I use a client VBScript to handle events nothing happens in my asp or I get an error message saying LBSelection (listbox) not found because it&#039s client.<BR><BR>If I go with server-side DTCs and scripts then I don&#039t see any data in my data-bound controls i.e nothing is loaded from the DB.<BR><BR>The server is on a LAN and I&#039m developping locally on my own machine. IIS is installed on both with MTS and OBDC drivers etc.<BR><BR>I get the feeling that some component is missing on the server.<BR><BR>Any suggestions? urgent!<BR>Thanks,<BR>gary_hitch@dmr.ca