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Thread: Mono .NET/C# Framework for Linux/Windows

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    Default Mono .NET/C# Framework for Linux/Windows

    Has anyone been following the Mono project--the open source C#/.NET implementation for Windows and Linux. As I understand it, Mono is almost feature complete. There ASP.NET portion has been up and running for a while. They just released the Windows Forms component. It looks like it is going to be fabulous. <BR><BR>I just wondered if anyone has used it and what you think of it? Is anyone planning to start porting your C# applications to run on both .NET and Mono? <BR><BR>I am curious to know what every one else thinks. <BR><BR>Anthony

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    I think it&#039;s a great thing, but I have had no luck getting it running.<BR><BR>If you find a comprehensive hot-to for setting it up on windows, please send a link.<BR><BR>As far as I can tell, being a Linux/Apache person is a prerequisite.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Mono CVS

    Control + click the names of classes ;)<BR>

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