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    I want to start by allowing clients with cookies enabled to set items into a "Wish list" area. I need some help though.<BR><BR>From what I read, the cookie must be created before any other output is sent to the client because they are part of the HTTP headers for the page.<BR><BR>So far I am setting this code before the &#060;HTML&#062; tag. But I am not sure how I am going to reset valuse in the cookie if it is before the &#060;HTML&#062; tag.<BR><BR>If Not objHawk.cookiesEnabled Then<BR> strCookie = "NoCookie"<BR>Else<BR> Response.Cookies("CookieDough")("wishlist") = "not set yet"<BR>End If<BR><BR>Can I get some help here.<BR><BR>Thank you!!

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    Default response.buffer = true


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