Hi,<BR> I am an MCSD. I am facing a problem.<BR><BR>NOTE: This is an Internet Application.<BR><BR>First Question:<BR>I have made a VB application which is using ADO connection. I am using an SQL database which is residing on a remote server in US.what parameter should I pass in my connect string which will access the SQL database from that server.<BR><BR>Second Question:<BR>I have made a COM component (.DLL) which should reside in my server(I am not using MTS).How should I register this component on the server?<BR>Secondly I want to create an instance of this component in my client application (i.e VB) .I am using RDS. How should I do this. <BR>(Example of our client code is)<BR>dim rds1 as new rds.dataspace<BR>dim df as object<BR>set df=rds1.createobject("query.aucquery","http://IP address")<BR>retval=df.sqlpara(1)<BR>msgbox retval<BR>query.aucquery is my progid<BR>sqlpara is my method<BR><BR>(Please reply as soon as possible)<BR>Anija Pillai<BR><BR> <BR>