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    Hi,<BR> I have a mobile form. I am calling a device specific javascript function to submit the form but before submit i wud like to set some value in hidden control and access this value in the page load. <BR>1. I used mobile textbox control but it does not have borderstyle attribute so i cannot make it invisible????<BR>2. I used asp textbox control in content template but i am not able to access its value in page_load by Request.Form??????<BR>3. I tried to use plain &#060;INPUT type=hidden&#062; and this also the same as point 2.<BR>4. If above is not possible, can i set session variables in javascript??????<BR>5. Any other way?????<BR>Santosh

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    If you&#039;re setting an asp textbox in the pageload, you don&#039;t need to use request.form. If this is a form postback, you can just access the control&#039;s text property. Incidentially, you can just save it right to viewstate if you want. Useless overhead saving it to a control. ViewState("myVar") = value. They work like sessions, but on a page level. <BR><BR>As for accessing using javascript, you&#039;ll probably have to write the javascript out dynamically on the server.

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