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    Dominik Moosbrugger Guest

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    is it possible to search a database with asp like index server (ms) does it with a bunch of directories? <BR><BR>or is ADO only capable of searching one column at a time?

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    What do you mean by "Search an entire database?" ADO can search more than one column at a time. Well, to be more clear, SQL allows you to query on more than one column at a time. You can do:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM Table1 WHERE Column1 = &#039something&#039 AND Column2 = &#039SomethingElse&#039<BR><BR>I don&#039t know, though, what you are exactly asking. Does this clear up anything, or just muddy the watters? :)

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    Dominik Moosbrugger Guest

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    thanks, this helped me out. i just had the problem that my "something" and my "something else" are the same. i tried to do it this way: WHERE (Column1 AND Column2) LIKE &#039something&#039<BR><BR>didn&#039t work. well. okay, I now compare each of my Columns with &#039something&#039 and it works. <BR><BR>thanks again. bye. &8-))

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