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    Hello, everyone. I need to access the registry for a project I am working on. Does anyone know of a reference that allows you to search for a particular registry topic? For example, I need to know the name of the entry that defines the Service Pack (if any) that a user has installed. Is there a website that would display the registry key and other information if I enter "Service Pack"? Microsoft's website provides information about a key (or other element) if you know its name; I am looking for a resource that works in the opposite direction. Thank you in advance.

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    Comes with all versions of Windows.<BR><BR>Just use START --&#062;&#062; RUN and type "regedit" into the RUN window.<BR><BR>You can then do an EDIT --&#062;&#062; FIND to find most any string in any key or value anywhere in the registry.<BR><BR>

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