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    I have to, for some reason, take out lines of code that create classes to my stored procedures and place the sp code into my page itself. However whenever I replace the class objects with the sp code I can not get them to exectute. Here&#039;s an example of what I&#039;m talking about. Maybe someone can help me.<BR><BR>set rs = objSmallWonders.GetDemographics(Session("MotherID" ), Session("g_UserName"), InfantCount, strConnection)<BR><BR>replacing with:<BR><BR>Dim cmdGetDemographics__MotherID<BR>cmdGetDemographics __MotherID = ""<BR>if(Session("MotherID") &#060;&#062; "") then cmdGetDemographics__MotherID = Session("MotherID")<BR><BR>Dim cmdGetDemographics__UserModified<BR>cmdGetDemograp hics__UserModified = ""<BR>if(Session("g_user") &#060;&#062; "") then cmdGetDemographics__UserModified = Session("g_user")<BR><BR>set cmdGetDemographics = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")<BR>cmdGetDemo graphics.ActiveConnection = MM_connSw_STRING<BR>cmdGetDemographics.CommandText = "dbo.spGetDemographics"<BR>cmdGetDemographics.Comm andType = 4<BR>cmdGetDemographics.CommandTimeout = 0<BR>cmdGetDemographics.Prepared = true<BR>cmdGetDemographics.Parameters.Append cmdGetDemographics.CreateParameter("@RETURN_VALUE" , 3, 4)<BR>cmdGetDemographics.Parameters.Append cmdGetDemographics.CreateParameter("@MotherID", 3, 1,4,cmdGetDemographics__MotherID)<BR>cmdGetDemogra phics.Parameters.Append cmdGetDemographics.CreateParameter("@UserModified" , 200, 1,50,cmdGetDemographics__UserModified)<BR>cmdGetDe mographics.Parameters.Append cmdGetDemographics.CreateParameter("@DeliveryCount ", 3, 2)<BR>set rs = cmdGetDemographics.Execute<BR>rs_numRows = 0<BR><BR><BR>The two look the same to me and I can&#039;t figure out what&#039;s going on wrong.

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    Default How can we guess...

    ...when you don&#039;t show the original code? So we can see what is changed.<BR><BR>Or when you don&#039;t tell us what the error message is. (If any; "can not get them to execute" is pretty damned generic.)<BR><BR>Or what line it is occurring on (though I would assume on the EXECUTE line?).<BR><BR>And how come you have that INOUT parameter but don&#039;t give it any IN value??<BR><BR>

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