Hi there!<BR><BR>I have a problem I cant soulve.<BR><BR>The problem is the following;<BR>When Im trying to login to a Exchange Server 2000<BR>using CDO and ASP this error occurs;<BR><BR>[Collaboration Data Objects - [MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND(8004010F)]]<BR><BR>The error is on this line;<BR><BR>objCurSession.Logon "Frej", "frej", True, True, 0, False, strPInfo<BR><BR>the strPInfo is this;<BR>strPInfo = "" & VbLf & "frej"<BR><BR>the username and everyting is right but it cant find the MAPI.<BR><BR>When I check the WIN.INI file it shows;<BR>[MAIL]<BR>MAPI=1<BR><BR>And I have the CDO.DLL file, version: 6.0.4417.0<BR>It was installed there after I installed Exchange Server 2000.<BR><BR>The Server is a Windows 2000 Server<BR>and I have Exchange Server 2000 installed.<BR><BR>Anyone recognice this problem?<BR><BR>Thankful for any help.<BR><BR> //Xyron