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    Default x = Request.QueryString(" ") question...

    Hi,<BR><BR>If i first load up a page and there is nothing in x, does the value automatically become a numeric, or would it be x = 0 ??<BR><BR>ie. if i create a page test.asp; <BR>x = Request.QueryString("value")<BR>response.write x<BR><BR>what would x be?

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    Default An empty string <nt>


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    Default I prefer to get something..

    .. when I do that.<BR><BR>So, I use my FixNumber function:<BR>http://www.27seconds.com/kb/article_view.asp?id=6<BR><BR>Then, I just do:<BR>x = FixNumber(Request.QueryString("whatever"))<BR>If x &#062; 0 Then<BR> &#039;I got something<BR>End If<BR><BR>You should ALWAYS do it if you expect a numeric value. It&#039;ll save you PLENTY of heartache if some assmonger comes along and fiddles with your querystring.

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