I&#039;m using Dreamweaver to save time b/c I&#039;ve been giving a large application to reverse engineer it in a week. I almost have the sucker done, but now I&#039;ve run into a problem. I&#039;m receiving this error on my search page:<BR><BR>ADODB.Recordset error &#039;800a0cb3&#039; <BR>Current Recordset does not support bookmarks. This may be a limitation of the provider or of the selected cursortype. <BR><BR>/Search.asp, line 279 <BR><BR><BR><BR>Now if I go up to file&#062;new window the recordset loads up fine. I&#039;m not sure what&#039;s going on. Here&#039;s my sp and recordset. The recordset name is simply rs. Like I said this came from a third party and I&#039;m trying to leave all names the same.<BR><BR>set cmdGetMothers = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")<BR>cmdGetMoth ers.ActiveConnection = MM_connSw_STRING<BR>cmdGetMothers.CommandText = "dbo.spGetMothers"<BR>cmdGetMothers.CommandTyp e = 4<BR>cmdGetMothers.CommandTimeout = 0<BR>cmdGetMothers.Prepared = true<BR>cmdGetMothers.Parameters.Append cmdGetMothers.CreateParameter ("@RETURN_VALUE", 3, 4,4)<BR>cmdGetMothers.Parameters.Append cmdGetMothers.CreateParameter("@NameString", 200, 1,50,cmdGetMothers__NameString)<BR>cmdGetMothers.P arameters.Append cmdGetMothers.CreateParameter("@NumberString", 200, 1,50,cmdGetMothers__NumberString)<BR>cmdGetMothers .Parameters.Append cmdGetMothers.CreateParameter("@UserModified", 200, 1,50,cmdGetMothers__UserModified)<BR>cmdGetMothers .Parameters.Append cmdGetMothers.CreateParameter("@RecordCount", 3, 2,4)<BR>set rs = cmdGetMothers.Execute<BR>rs_numRows = 0