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    I am doing a guess book module, but I have aproblem for iy. The problem is whne I testing write somethign to teh textfile, enter is no use. That mena, whne I clickenter and input data to next line. When display, the data perform continue situation and doesn&#039t go to next line, hope anyone can help me

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    I am having the same problem. I am getting a text message from a request.form and reading it into a variable. It is from a textarea field. I have already used the replace function to change the < and > signs into lt; and gt; (I bet that stuff isn&#039t showing up right). I have also used the replace function to take out the &#039 marks (SQL problems). Now how do I use the replace function to change the carriage return or line feeds into <br&#039s or <p&#039s ??????

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